80s Color Block Turquoise Aqua Blue Pink Yellow Modern Bunbed, Dachshund Dog Bed COVER Burrow Snuggle Sack Pocket Small Bun Bed

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Bunbed with a built-in pocket cover! The cover is lined in soft and squishy anti-pill fleece (in a charcoal gray color). Your dog will love burrowing and hiding under the cover, perfect for the colder months.

Your dog will love being squeezed and cushioned by the Bunbed! The Bunbed (sometimes known as the hot dog bed) was originally created as a dachshund dog bed (they seem to know it was made just for them), but is an excellent small breed dog bed as well (up to 15 or 20 lbs). It also functions as a burrow bed—dogs seem to love digging down the middle.

This is for the bed pictured, a fun colorful Bunbed in aqua, pink and yellow (the cover is lined in turquoise anti-pill fleece).

SIZE: Bed measures about 17" across, by 27" long (43 cm by 68 cm). Size can vary slightly. For reference, the dog pictured in the listing is about 10 lbs. or 4.5 kilos (a miniature dachshund).

Bed is handmade with 100% heavy cotton twill/upholstery weight fabrics and overstuffed with polyester stuffing. The bed has a removable zippered case with two pillow inserts for easy washing. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low/dry flat.

Please note, if your dog is a chewer, the bed is not indestructible. I can’t be responsible for any damage done by a dog actively trying to destroy the bed. Otherwise with proper care it should last you a while. Please let me known if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!